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Guardians of the Galaxy 2: Is J'Son the father of Peter Quill?

At the end of Guardians Of The Galaxy we all came to know that Star Lord is the offspring of an alien and a human. We were also informed that Youndu was asked by Quill's father to abduct and deliver Peter Quill to him. But the question that remains to be answered is that- Is J'son of Spartax the father of Peter Quill or is James Gunn is planning something entirely different?

Well in an interview with Empire, James Gunn revealed that Peter Quill's lineage in Guardians Of The Galaxy 2 will deviate heavily from the source material.

Here is what he said-

There have been a lot of documents passed around about who Peter Quill’s father is between a select two or three of us. That’s been part of the plan since the beginning, that’s something I had to work out before we shot the screenplay. We wanted to make sure Yondu’s place in everything made sense and it does, so it’s all very specific stuff. It’s definitely not the character who it is in the comics, I’ll say that much.

Well, that brings up some possibilities. For one thing, it's probably not Yondu, the bounty hunter played by Michael Rooker: in addition to referencing Quill's father at the end of the movie, it seems like Yondu's story, according to Gunn's statement, is that the character has his own separate journey. He also says that Quill's father might not even appear in the second film if he doesn't serve the core story that's still in development, and surely Rooker's Yondu will return.

The answer to the question of Quill's parentage should be answered by [Guardians of the Galaxy 2](movie:1081113) which will be released by July, 2017. Until then, unless any geek of the geekdom reveals some juicy information, we're going to remain in the dark about Quill's dad for a couple of years.

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