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There is good reason the The Last Of Us is being talked about for a potential movie. It is one of the most gripping, story-driven games ever made, and it has just been remastered for the PS4.

Joel and Ellie: The Story of The Last Of Us

The plot is not entirely original, but it is handles so well that it makes the familiar zombie-inducing virus outbreak trope seem fresh.

Joel is an ordinary man when the fungal virus breaks out in 2013, bringing the USA to chaos. At the beginning of the game, he sees his 12-year-old daughter Sarah get shot. She dies in his arms. If that seems bleak, it is a taste of things to come.

Over the next 20 years, the USA turns into the dystopia of heavily policed quarantine zones, beyond which most of the country is a nomadic wasteland. Joel is by this time a smuggler, and it is while engaged in this work that he meets Ellie. Ellie is infected, but she has not turned into the cannibalistic monster that the virus normally leads to. Might her immunity lead to a general cure?

Gameplay and Atmosphere in The Last Of Us

So far, the story might feel like something you have heard many times before. A man who has lost his daughter fins a surrogate daughter after a catastrophe, a young girl holds the key to mankind's survival. What makes The Last Of Us stand out (and what meant that for all its success it might not translate well to the big screen) is that the story goes hand in hand with the gameplay.

Naughty Dog, the developers of The Last Of Us, have obviously put a lot of effort into making this game feel authentic. Playing this game, there is a real sense of suspense, and you find yourself wanting to play the games the characters would. Rather than taking down every infected you come across, you might want to use stealth, and hide out, at once avoiding the conflict and adding to the creepy feel The Last Of Us.

There are moments when the game forces you to become more bloody thirsty, and occasionally, these can be pull you out of the narrative a little. Some people have complained about a difficult to handle aiming system, and this is true, even if it is sorted out somewhat on the PS4 remastered version.

All in all, [The Last of Us](movie:1190382) might go down, like the original Resident Evil, as a game valued more for it's story and atmosphere, rather than its mechanics.

The Last Of Us: PS4 Remastered

Take a look at The Last Of Us Remastered E3 trailer here:

The remastered version of The Last Of Us is more about tweaking the game than bringing any huge changes, but the tweaks are welcome. As well as the aiming mechanics, the improved graphics and particularly the audio make bring out the best of the game's haunting atmosphere.

The Last Of Us is also being reported as being a significant factor if the PS4 passing the 10 million mark in terms of units sold, which just goes to show the reach this game has achieved.

But how good do you think The Last Of Us is? Do you think it will be remembered as one of the best games of all time? Write in with your thoughts below the line!


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