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i love to write about the 5 guys you see in the background. so thats a lot of what you'll see here.
Kalab Crockett

well round 2 we pick up with #2 seed michael myers and # 15 seed jigsaw.


jigsaw is a killer who has a very interesting way of killing. he pretty much gives them a dillema. pain or death. he kills this way to show people to apreciate life more. most of his victims never actually see him! no instead on a little tv they see this doll that he speaks through. he produces some of the goriest kills ever with his traps.


this man has the second highest body count in the horror genre. with only leatherface and norman bates coming before him,he pretty much started the slasher genre and desserves credit for inspiring fanchises a nightmare on elm st. and friday the 13th. his signature white emotionless mask and butcher knife have become infamous to all horror fans


so who moves on to the next round


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