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Everyone has shared their favorite Disney villains and I figured I would do mine. There are certain stipulations on this list. Only ones from film. Only two Pixar villains on the list. Also keep in mind this is all opinion.

Anyways here's my list (1-7).

#1 Judge Claude Frollo - The Hunchback Of Notre Dame (1996).

Reason: Where do I begin with this guy? He kills an innocent women, almost drowns a baby, lusts over women (he just doen't get women), tortures everyone in Paris just to find Esmeralda all while claiming he's a good christian. Frollo was one sinister monster indeed. He gets a way with doing horrific things by reasoning with people and himself that it's what god ultimately wants him to do. Unlike other Disney villains he seems himself as good person working for god. He's a judge who can sentence you to death whether you're innocent or not. Now that's what I call pure evil. I mean this guy is pratically a serial killer.

Also he my favorite Disney villain song and my favorite Disney song in general.

Every thing about this song and emotionally powerful. You also gotta love it for ballsy it is. If you're a christian watch out for Frollo. He's definitely works for the dark side of the cross.

#2 Sid - Toy Story (1996).

Reason: OMG, it seemed like 1996 was dark year for Disney villains. Sid being the first and Frollo being the second. I mean this kid was almost teenage John Doe from Se7en (which also came out in 1996). Except he's basically a serial killer who commits genocide against toys. He tortures his victims in the most violent ways you could possibly imagine. Be careful of your toys kids, never trust a psycho teenager who like to blow up toys. I would watch out If I were you.

#3 Syndrome - The Incredibles (2004).

Reason: Well this guy third Disney villain to be a serial killer. Sid being the first and Frollo being the second. I mean he wants to annihilate an entire group of superheroes just because he can't be one himself. How fucked up is that? Need I say more?

#4 Jafar - Aladdin (1993).

Reason: I don't really find this guy to be that scary, but I still think he's cool and rather interesting bad guy. He's smart, clever, and rather unique. He can transform into a snake and a genie. He can also disguise himself in order to trick people. Even though his bird gets on my nerves, I still think he's an interesting character. Basically a magical Frank Underwood.

#5 Queen Grimhilde - Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs (1937).

Reason: Mirror Mirror on the know the rest. Disney's original baddie. This queen taught us one lesson. Never take apples from strangers. You gotta respect a bitch who can kill you with fruit. If she asks you who is the most beautiful woman alive, you better say she is or else she will take your life.

#6 Cruella Deville - 101 Domations (1961).

Reason: She tries to kill puppies just to get their fut and to get money. Nuff said here.

#7 Scar - The Lion King (1994).

Reason: I know a lot of people like this villain, but I put him pretty low on the list. While I like this villain but he doesn't scare me. Mostly because he's just a power-hungry dictator. when they do get their power, they become more scarier and ruthless. When Scar gets his power, he stops being scary/ruthless, and instead turns into a whiny little prima donna. But for all his faults, Scar is still an interesting character. Plus, he is one of the few Disney villains who actually manages to kill off one of the main characters. I gotta give him credit for that.

Well those are my favorite Disney villains. What are yours. I'd love to hear.


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