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According to Dread Central, Mr. Zombie participated in an online chat with fans about his upcoming film, 31, just last week. Reportedly, nothing major or revealing was said by Zombie. However, we were given the information that the film beings shooting early in 2015, and it takes place in 1975. The title 31 is relevant to the holiday of Halloween, and is the name of a game of that the films five lead stars, (who are kidnapped) are forced to participate in, in hopes of surviving the night. The setting is none other than a place called "Murder World", which looks and sounds to be a carnival type of place.

There's also been another image of concept art by Alex Horley revealed, which doesn't give away too much, but shows us that this is more than likely going to be a sick and twisted movie. The murderous clown looks to be buff as hell, which would lead me to believe that someone of huge proportions will be cast in the role. I'm even thinking that maybe Zombie will acquire the talent of Tyler Mane from his Halloween movies to play this part. It would make sense because of how Zombie likes to reuse actors. But, it's all still speculation, regardless.

And, if you haven't already heard, Rob Zombie is having this film crowdfunded so he can give back to the fans and have them participate in one of his features. He's offering up some sick prizes as rewards to donations too. For more on the prizes, click HERE. Or to donate, visit the films official site HERE.

You can also watch these videos to hear what Zombie himself has to say about the project and crowdfunding.



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