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You know, the other day I wrote an article called "The Most Overrated Movies Of All Time" and that article was all my opinion and people were very negative towards me for the article because I didn't think "The Lion King" was the best animated movie ever and that I didn't think Avatar (2009) wasn't that great because I found it boring although the special effects were good. Now, to tell a person they suck or "They have a terrible taste in movies!" because they didn't like a movie that you love I have been given the bird because I thought Toy Story was the best animated movie of all time and who is the person who flipped me off? A person who loved the Lion King while wearing a Lion King shirt.

Now, i'm going to tell you my favorite movie of all time: Fight Club. Now, I can understand if you don't like the film or don't think it is the best movie ever made, I don't even think it is the best movie of all time it is just my favorite movie but I am not going to judge you because you don't like my favorite movie as much as I do, thats okay, tell me what your favorite movie is, we can talk about how great movies are, that is what this website is for: talking about movies, not hating each other because we do not share the same opinion!

My point is that we shouldn't hate each other for not liking each other's favorite movies, we should embrace each other's opinions, i'm sure you don't share my opinion about Toy Story being the best animated movie of all time, for you it could be The Lego Movie, Shrek, or A Bug's Life (which is definitely in my top 5 for best animated movies) and that is fine, lets talk about our favorite scenes or lines from these movies. It is just childish to call someone stupid because they don't share the same opinion as you? In real life would you call someone a terrible moviegoer with horrible taste in movies? No! You would brush it off and say "Okay, but I think this movie is better" or "I actually think the remake was better" and thats okay to say, it is called an opinion and apparently the internet has never heard of that word.

This isn't the only reason why moviegoers seems more childish now and days, it is not just happening on the internet but in the theater as well! People just see going to the movies as a passtime so they will text their friends, chew gum, talk, and play games on their phones. I view going to the movies as this magical experience from the moment you step into the theater and you smell that great essence of popcorn and I just think "Its great to be back" and you go into this room and get engrossed in this world and to ruin that with your talking is a very childish thing to do, i'm not talking about children in the theater but that can be very bad too, im talking about people who act like children with talking during the movie and repeating lines from the movie, so i'm going to tell you some stories of my experience at the theater from least worst to worst.

So at the opening weekend of Guardians Of The Galaxy I saw the film in IMAX 3D but some people in the audience felt the need to finish the characters sentences and one of the kids in the audience saw the trailer and said some of Rocket Racoon's lines as he was saying them in the movie, so that brought me out of the movie a little bit but it didn't bother me to much. The next story is when I saw The Lego Movie at least 6 people in front of us wouldn't stop talking after a funny scene and at one point in the movie at least 20% of the audience decided to take out their phones and take selfies! I was just thinking to myself: I paid good money for this film and the lights from everyone's phones are distracting. Now my final story is from when I saw Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows Part 2 the final Harry Potter movie and the experience was ruined by a guy who was sitting next to me in the theater who was repeating like every other line that was spoken in the movie, and whenever text was on the screen he would talk about it right after speaking about it out loud, I waited a few weeks to see it because I thought that people wouldn't be there to ruin the movie, and I was wrong.

So do you think that moviegoers act more childish now? Let me know!


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