ByStuart White, writer at

A Science Fiction adventure set in two different time-periods. An impending visit by extra-terrestrials is discovered by Government Agents.

Two brothers are members of The Fifth Wall, a small resistance group, who are fighting a losing battle to defend their small town from an invading alien species known as the Greys and their assorted alien-tech killing machines. During one mission on the outskirts of town, to save their commanding officer’s daughter, the brothers uncover a shocking truth that will change their world.
This alien invasion was created by the Government. The whole town has been locked away from “the real world” as part of a combat data collection project established after government operatives discovered Grey genetic code decades ago. The Grey's are clones, as are the town’s inhabitants. All part of a military test case established to prepare the Earth for an upcoming attack by the Greys. What is real and who will survive?


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