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I loved Paul Walker as an actor - who didn't? - but I really appreciated The Rock taking the time to remind us about Paul's other, more private passions.

For Shark Week, Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson spoke through emotion about Walker's deep love of the ocean and his animal rights activism:

Last year the ocean lost one of its biggest advocates. Paul Walker was not only an incredible actor, a very good friend, but a loving and devoted father to beautiful Meadow Rain.
He was also a champion for shark and marine conservation whose efforts inspired so many.
What you're about to watch was one of his last missions dedicated to protecting that which he loved. In honor of brother Paul, please join Discovery.

Paul's work with sharks is still being used to help with conservation today. This video is beautiful.

I am so grateful for this reminder of Paul Walker's other great work before he was taken from us.

Respect to Paul Walker for his kindness, his down-to-earth attitude and love of adventure. It's no wonder he touched so many lives so deeply.

Rest easy, Brother Paul.


Did you know that Paul Walker was a passionate ocean activist?

(Source: Entertainment Weekly)


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