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With the DVD and Blu-Ray release of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 fast approaching, Sony and Target have teamed up to simultaneously promote the film's home entertainment availability, and hint at the possible future of the franchise.

Purchase either the Blu-Ray or DVD edition of the film at Target, it turns out, and you'll get your hands on an exclusive featurette that looks set to tease the (probably) upcoming Sinister Six movie - and, from the looks of it, hint at just who'll be in the movie when it eventually comes to the big screen.

Or, of course, you could just watch the preview of that featurette right here, and see how many potential Six-ers you can spot:

So far as we can see, then, Sony are definitely leaning towards:

The Green Goblin

As last seen being pretty much a given to form a Sinister Six in the first place in The Amazing Spider-Man 2.


As last seen in Spider-Man 3. Shudder.


As last seen helping clutter up the same Spider-film as Venom.


As last seen being pretty terrible at Super-villainy in The Amazing Spider-Man 2.

Doctor Octopus

As last seen being awesome, and inexplicably not brought back after, Spider-Man 2.


As last seen being shamelessly teased in The Amazing Spider-Man 2.


As last seen being Jamie Foxx in The Amazing Spider-Man 2.

The Lizard

As last seen being slightly uninteresting in The Amazing Spider-Man.

The only problem?

That's 8 villains.

Which means...we're more-or-less back where we started.

Either that, or Sony have no more idea who'll be in Sinister Six than we do - and someone just edited together every villain from the Spider-franchise into one video.

In which case - it could still pretty much be any of them...

We probably won't find out for sure who'll be in [Sinister Six](movie:1274281) - Target featurettes nowithstanding - until it's release on November 11, 2016. Ish.


What do you guys think? Who do you MOST want to see in the Sinister Six?

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