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Remember when you were seven and you finally completed your first LEGO kit as per the actual instructions (y'know, instead of simply throwing the bricks all around the room)? Well, Matt De Lanoy has taken that achievement and stamped all over it by creating something well beyond all of our collective LEGO abilities.

De Lanoy, who is an official LEGO Master Builder, recently showcased his vast LEGO recreation of the town of Springfield. The project, which was mostly conducted between April and June of this year, shows all the major Springfield landmarks down to the most minute of details. He also managed to get it done just in time for this year's Chicago Brickworld convention - an event which featured some incredible LEGO dioramas.

Take a trip around LEGO Springfield below:

De Lanoy isn't entirely sure how many bricks when into making Springfield, and it seems he's happy to keep it that way. He told Mashable:

I suspect that if I were to know the piece count, then I could get a rough estimate of how much money overall I'd spent on it — and that's just something I don't want to know.

This isn't the first time De Lanoy has recreated a Matt Groening cartoon. He also used his LEGO skills to create a brick version of Futurama's New New York. Indeed, part of that titanic recreation was also retrofitted into Springfield.

You can see even more of his work over on his Flickr account.


The LEGO Springfield is...

Source: Mashable


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