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Twilight thesp and former boyfriend of Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson has admitted that gets so upset by the paparazzi intrusion into his life that he has started staying inside the confines of his house.

RPattz revealed recently how he has learned to hate his tween nickname, but that's not the end of his negativity. Now, the 28-year-old heart-breaker is saying that he cannot stand getting photographed.

When asked whether press intrusion has ever discouraged him from acting, Pattinson said:

Acting is the one thing you can control. If you give that up you're just a pawn in someone else's game. But I've definitely become a recluse.
I hate getting photographed. So my life has contracted a lot. I only go to places with underground parking lots that sound stupid. But it means I don't have to deal with that anxiety.

The star also says that the paparazzi attention in London made him relocate to Hollywood:

If you're going out and you're a bit drunk, it's the law of averages... It's just a matter of time before you punch someone in the face and that's a million dollars. That's why I can't live in London. I would love to live here, but there's no point.

Unfortunately, that’s just part of being a celebrity, Rob. Perhaps you should just focus your attention on your work... And getting back together with KStew. Please.

It's an age-old debate, the celebrity privacy one. How much privacy can, and should, celebrities - who make their living in the public eye - expect? Stars frequently take out injunctions against newspapers preventing them from revealing possible indiscretions, yet the relationship between celebrities and the media is such that one cannot exist without the other.

And YOU GUYS play a huge part in this privacy debate, thanks to the rise in gossip columns, paparazzi shots, and your appetites for celebrity scandals (sorry about that, Rob). So, what do you guys feel about the issue?


Would you happily sacrifice all your Robert Pattinson gossip and paparazzi pics if you knew he was happier for it?

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