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Ever since Gal Gadot was announced as Wonder Woman in Batman vs Superman, discussion has raged about whether or not she was right for the part.

Almost everyone, including Expendables star Ronda Rousey, seems to have come out on side side of the debate or the other - a discussion which wasn't even put to bed when Zack Snyder revealed the now famous picture of Gal Gadot in [Wonder Woman](movie:45787) costume as San Diego Comic Con 2014.

  What would Deadpool think of Wonder Woman costume?
What would Deadpool think of Wonder Woman costume?

Similarly, Ryan Reynolds has been igniting some comic book controversy, too.

The star is the favorite to play Deadpool, and he has been instrumental in pushing the project forward. Although his portrayal of Deadpool was criticized when he played the character in X-Men Orgins: Wolverine, that was largely attributed to problems with the movie itself, rather than any fault of Reynolds'.

Just last week, some leaked test footage showed him voicing the character, inspiring many fans to cry even more desperately for the movie to be made - even going so far as to start a twitter petition, promising to buy a ticket for the movie if and when it is released.

So could we see Gal Gadot aka Wonder Woman AND [Deadpool](movie:38663) favorite Ryan Reynolds together? You bet we can!

To be fair, they will not be playing the roles they are most wanted to appear in. Gal Gadot has just been cast in the CIA TV show Thriller Criminal, where she will play Ryan Reynolds' wife.

They will be joined by Robin Hood, Commissioner Jim Gordon and Two Face (Kevin Costner, Gary Oldman, and Tommy Lee Jones).

Okay, so it isn't Wonder Woman marrying Deadpool, but it is the closest you are going to get - and a good chance to see these two highly anticipated stars in action ahead of the [Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice](movie:711870) and Deadpool movies.


Would Deadpool and Wonder Woman make a good couple?


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