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Sit back, put your feet up and prepare to get mildly offended. A scene that was deemed too offensive and controversial for The Walking Dead Season 4 has been released online, and those of you easily offended by naughty words or conversations involving amputee sex might want to sit this one out.

The scene in question sees Hershel and Michonne being held captive in the Governor's caravan while his henchman Mitch taunts them both using industrial language and questions about their sexual practices.

It's definitely NSFW, but when has that ever stopped us, eh?

That was fun, wasn't it?

I always find it fascinating to hear curse words on The Walking Dead. We've become pretty immune to the violence on the show, but it's still a bit weird when someone drops f-bombs - or talks about stumping.

But having watched it, I do feel a bigger sense of satisfaction knowing that Mitch got what was coming to him during the attack on the prison. He's definitely never going to get the chance to stump someone.

This is the second scene from [The Walking Dead](series:201193) Season 4 to fall foul of the censors, following the release last week of Rick's fabulously inspiring "They're fucking with the wrong people" speech:

Hopefully we'll get to see some more banned scenes in the coming weeks.


Was it correct to cut this scene?

(Source EW)


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