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Daniel Radcliffe became a major star with his recurring lead role in the Harry Potter flicks, but in a recent interview, the 25-year-old thesp admitted that he's embarrassed by some of those formative, high-profile performances. He said:

I never liked watching myself on film but I do make myself sit through it. And that's why it's hard to watch a film like Harry Potter and The Half-Blood Prince, because I'm just not very good in it. I hate it.

If by "not very good" he means PERFECT, then sure.

Always keen on bettering himself, Radcliffe said that he watches the Harry Potter flicks with an intention of finding fault in his work:

It's more important for me to be very critical because I've grown up in an atmosphere where everyone is always wanting to be nice to me and say what I'm doing is great. And so you don't trust that. Ultimately you have to look to yourself or a handful of people to get a proper opinion. I'm seriously critical of myself—if I wasn't I would be worried.

And that's not the only time we've seen Radcliffe acting like he's his own worst enemy. There are tons of other times when the talented actor has talked himself down, appearing to have some self-esteem issues, just like the rest of us! Here are some Radcliffe's most modest, humble, and human moments...


On being snubbed for a Tony

It's such a competitive year, particularly in that category - in male leading... There's so many of us this year. The fact that I'm even being talked about in the same circles of some of the people who have been amazing to me.

  Daniel Radcliffe as young Harry Potter
Daniel Radcliffe as young Harry Potter

Not a sore loser in sight!


On parodying himself

What an amazing sport!


On just not giving a f*ck

I used to be self conscious about my height, but then I thought, fuck that, I'm Harry Potter.

  Daniel Radcliffe on the red carpet
Daniel Radcliffe on the red carpet

And anyway, his bezzie's the same height. No competition there...


On being oblivious to money

I really am a pretty normal guy and I don't have a fleet of Ferraris.

Instead, his ­transport is a VW Golf, which he says is "the perfect car for zipping around." I guess if the flying Ford Anglia's insurance was too high...


On being an "old man":

[I don't go] as much as I want to. It's hard because I'm knackered at the end of the day and I just want to go home. Glass of wine and I go to bed. A friend often says I'm an old man in a young man's husk. I like that. I am old-fashioned in some ways.

Anyone else fancy a cup of Butterbeer around the fire in the Gryffindor dorm room?


On being cast as Harry Potter:

Whoever stepped into that was going to receive a certain amount of attention and - dare I say - adulation. Which is not, in my opinion, justified, because I know me... I'm not anything special or big to fuss about.

Woah, woah, WOAH THERE, Daniel. Let's not be silly about this.


What's your favorite thing about Daniel Radcliffe? Is it his unassuming modesty?


I love Radcliffe for...


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