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In July, [The Damned](movie:738073) released some great stills from their upcoming release, and now, ahead of their August 29th theatrical release date, they've dropped a clip from the film.

The Damned caught my eye a few months ago when their trailer first dropped as Gallows Hill - which I still think is a better (and less obvious) title. It disappeared for a little while and then reemerged with a new title and a way scarier trailer, and by way scarier, I mean they actually give some snippets of horror payoff away in the trailer. Thumbs up.

A widower takes his children on a trip to their mother’s Colombian hometown. En route, the family are involved in an accident and take refuge in a secluded inn, where they free a girl locked in a basement and set in motion a terrifying sequence of events.

What's in the clip? I'm NOT giving it away because it actually made me jump a little, but from the looks of it, this happens near the beginning of the film after that PTSD car crash sequence.

The Damned is available NOW on VOD - will YOU be checking it out?

(Video source: Joblo)


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