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Mark June 8th, 2018 on your calenders Godzilla fans, that's the day Warner Bros. and Legendary have slated for the release of Godzilla 2!

Gareth Edwards, who is currently working on one of the Star Wars standalone films, will return to direct the sequel. Fans will also remember that a few weeks back, at Comic Con 2014, it was revealed the King of the Monsters will be joined by some other classic foes the next time he stomps onto the big screen - namely Mothra, Rodan and Ghidorah.

The last film grossed nearly $500 million dollars, making a sequel inevitable.

Legendary financed 75% of the $160 million budget for Godzilla, with Warner providing the rest and the companies splitting marketing costs.

And don't forget, a new King Kong film, Skull Island, is also on the horizon, booked for a November 2016 release date!

(Source: Variety)

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