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Much has been made over what appears to be a growing number of comic book films coming in the next few years, with both Marvel and DC/WB reserving spots on the movie schedule years in advance.

Toss in possible increased superhero film production from FOX and Sony, as well and people are naturally wondering if the schedule may get saturated and the public satiated with comic book films.

Except that NO ONE has taken a date in the month of October, which - with the vast number of supernatural/horror-based characters at their disposal, seems unfathomable to me.

Think about it. Marvel has films announced/dates reserved for May 1, 2015; July 17, 2015; May 5, 2016; July 8, 2016; May 5, 2017; July 27, 2017; November 3, 2017; May 4, 2018; July 6, 2018; November 12, 2018 and May 3, 2019.

DC/WB has films announced/dates reserved for March 25, 2016; August 5, 2016; June 23, 2017; November 17, 2017; March 23, 2018; July 27, 2018; April 5, 2019; June 14, 2019; April 3, 2020; and June 19, 2020.

Neither FOX or Sony have a superhero/comic book property scheduled for an October date either.

Or September.

The question is why? When people might be in the mood for a good scare..why wouldn't Marvel or DC/WB take a date that could be in some of their characters' wheelhouse? When budgets, expectations and competition isn't quite as high.

Do you know what the ALL-TIME top grossing movie released in September is? Freaking "Hotel Transylvania" with a $42 million opening-weekend and $148 million domestic gross. The rest of the All-Time September Top Ten is littered with movies like "Insidious Chapter 2" ; a 3-D re-release of "The Lion King"; until we get to "Jackass: Number Two", which had a "whopping" $29 million opening-weekend and $72 million total domestic take.

Do you want to know what the all-time top-grossing film released in October is? "Gravity", which exceeded everyone's expectations with a $55 million opening weekend and $224 million domestic take. The rest of the Top 10 list of films released the month of Halloween includes low-budget fare like "Paranormal Activity 3", "Scary Movie 3" and "The Grudge", until we get to "Red Dragon", which had an "incredible" $36 million opening-weekend and total domestic take of $93 million.

Films starring the following characters/properties would easily blow those numbers away.


The character who started the current comic book movie boom. people tend to forget just how hot - and cool- this property was. Wesley Snipes is looking for work and this could help put him back on the map. Even if a reboot happens, the character is now back home at Marvel. That anticipation would help fuel the movie. At the dame time, it would be a strong, clamored for film with a non-Caucasian, non-male lead. It's time for Marvel to allow those who want to see the baddest vampire hunter there is to slake their thirst.


Come on. A guy with a flaming skull, clad in leather, fighting the supernatural and demons? Like Blade, this property is now back home at Marvel. Done right, this would be a perfect Halloween movie. The charcater still has a lot of untapped potential.


Forget his appearance and supernatural attributes. That this would make a great, marketable horror film can be summed up in the character's catchphrase: "Whatever knows fear, burns at the Man-Thing's touch". People would flock to see a well-done tale of Marvel's muck monster.

4.) Werewolf By Night

This gets the nod over a few others, because it would also be a cool intro movie for "Marvel's Batman", Moon Knight.

5.) Swamp Thing

A well-done "Swamp Thing" film would scare the bejeebers out of Halloween moviegoers. Plus, we would have another reason for Alan Moore to bitch about yet another movie.

So, do you agree that Marvel and DC/WB are missing out on golden opportunities by not releasing films starring some of their scariest characters near Halloween? if so, do you agree with my choices? Or do you have others you'd prefer? Either way, feel free to comment below!


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