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With new details about DC's next film being released, fans are still very shaky about the Batman vs Superman movie. Whether its castings, costume designs, or inability to not compare it to Marvels cinematic universe, it seems nobody can decide whether they love it or hate it. As for me, I know I'll be firmly planted in a theater seat come March 2016, but that hasn't stopped me from wondering how the plot will work.

Specifically, the "versus" part.

Now, the conflict between Batman and Superman has been present as long as the question has existed of which one of them would win in a fight, and the topic is split almost straight down the middle.

Fans in favor of Superman claim that there's no contest. He is an alien from another planet with god-like power. He could flatten Batman quicker than he could pull out a piece of radioactive kryptonite he conveniently carries around in his belt at all times (Seriously, that stuff gave Lex Luthor cancer once, what must it do to Bats?). In fact, in the comics, the only times Batman won was because Clark held back, so imagine what he is capable of with no restraint.

On the flipside, fans in favor of Batman say that he would win through his intellect. He is a master tactician, capable of devising contingency plans against every member of the [Justice League](movie:401267). While yes, Superman could kill him, the thing is that Batman knows he won't. He knows that Superman is a good person at heart and killing isn't what he does. By that logic, Batman could beat Superman through careful planning and resources.

Both sides have plenty of truth to them, but I think we're missing the real idea: This is their first encounter. We all know they are allies later, but how did they get to that point?

That's where I began to think about how a first fight between these legendary heroes would happen. I arrived at the conclusion that maybe there isn't one true winner, maybe it ends in a draw.

(NOTE: This is purely speculation, not the official plot)

My theory is that for the first half of the movie, Batman will see Superman the same way society must see him, as a threat. And who could blame them? Their first encounter with the [Man of Steel](movie:15593) ended with the destruction of half of Metropolis, thousands of casualties, and an alien general with a snapped neck. People probably hate Superman right now.

And of course Clark, working at a newspaper company, sees this every single day. He realizes he failed at protecting the Earth, and that leads him to establish his no killing policy. He is working to earn the trust of the people, to become the hero his parents saw in him. This is where we will finally see the Superman we all know from the comics.

Eventually, the public starts warming up to Superman, though many still don't trust him. Batman, not trusting anybody, still does not change his attitude. Eventually, through a series of events, Superman reaches his breaking point and confronts Batman face to face, and Bats is ready for him.

They fight for the mid-film climax (while we all probably fanboy uncontrollably in the theater), Batman receives quite the beating, and an enraged Superman is ready to end him. But then he starts hearing screaming. He looks around and people are running away from him in fear. Then he remembers. He remembers how he killed once before, he remembers how it still haunts him, he is reminded that if he does this, the world will never forgive him. He realizes that if he kills this man, he will be right back where he started, and he can't bring himself to do it.

When that happens, when Superman stands down, Batman realizes something as well; this person is a good man. He realizes Superman will not kill him, and for the first time Batman respects him, because he fights the real monsters night after night and he knows how hard it is not to end their worthless lives.

And from that moment on, they are allies. Batman gets up, dusts himself off, and looks over to Clark and says, "You're a real Boy Scout, you know that?"

Okay that last part was purely my idea, but we all want it to be said.

Hope you enjoyed my rambling! Be sure to give your thoughts.


Who do you think would win in a fight?


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