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"It's probably just a Muslim/Hindu thing."

If that kind of casual racism in a horror movie doesn't immediately put you on edge, then you might be interested in what follows in this clip from The Dead 2, formerly known as The Dead 2: India. (Personally, it does. And I will not be watching this film. But to each their own!).

Directed by The Ford Brothers, who also directed The Dead, Original Version (set in Africa... I'm not even touching what these guys are up to), this direct-to-DVD zombie outbreak movie will likely either appeal to you at first sight or not. But according to The Dead 2's IMDb page:

"The Dead 2: India, is the sequel to the hugely successful horror, The Dead, directed by The Ford Brothers. The Dead 2: India, builds on the first film but ramps up the action, drama and intensity on an exotic and truly epic scale!"

  The only word I believe in that description? "The."
The only word I believe in that description? "The."

So, you know, enjoy the clip below of a zombie virus-infected Indian gentleman getting mowed down by an American man in a big old American-made Jeep right after he and another fellow discuss the importance of being local during "tension in the slums."

Did you see the original The Dead? Will you be watching the sequel? Let me know in the comments!


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