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Lisa Carol Fremont

After Godzilla 2 was announced at this years SDCC, the next question on everyone's mind was, when will Gareth Edwards have time to tackle this? Well, ponder no longer because Godzilla 2 will be coming to theaters on June 8 of 2018.

Why four long years from now? Perhaps because Edwards is currently working on a little movie that has the title Star Wars in it. With Godzilla grossing $508 million worldwide, this sequel was a given and Edwards appears to be just as excited about it as the fans.

One of the major complaints about Godzilla was the lack of, well, Godzilla. How much Godzilla is appropriate in a Godzilla film is a topic for a whole other article, but the fact that Mothra, Rodan and Ghidorah are also making appearances in the upcoming film bodes well for onscreen monster time. Perhaps in four years, everyone will have forgotten about this particular gripe?



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