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Warning, some of the imagery below is disturbing, and may not be appropriate for all ages.

The Dark Knight was already pretty dark as it appeared on the big screen - largely as a result of Heath Ledger's iconic performance as The Joker.

As it turns out, though, there was one edge of darkness - and one death - Christopher Nolan clearly felt they couldn't show.

Remember the money-burning scene?

Sure, the Joker straps Lau (Chin Han) on top of the gigantic pile of money, and sure he's wearing a straightjacket, and being watched by armed guards. So when that thing goes up in flames, we know he's not going to make it.

But we very much didn't see it happen.

That is, until now:

Clearly Nolan wasn't taking any chances with just how dark he wanted the film to be - and had a full shot of Lau's gruesome death filmed, just in case.

Which may not make the Joker seem any more dastardly - he is, after all, already one of the greatest, and most psychotic, villains of all time - but it sure does highlight the crazy.

I mean, take a close look at that shot. Not only is he burning (an estimated) $6 billion, but he's doing it while appropriating the imagery of Thich Quang Duc, the Buddhist monk who burned himself to death in 1963 in protest against the actions of the South Vietnamese government.

That's some seriously, seriously dark stuff...

And the sort of thing we're unlikely to see in [Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice](movie:711870) when it's released March 25, 2016.


What do you guys think? Were they right to take the shot out?



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