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Community is living up to its name this week, as the cult show gets revived for a sixth season.

It was announced in May that NBC were cancelling the show after five acclaimed seasons, much to the dismay of fans and critics alike.

But after a successful campaign by the show's writers, Community was picked up by an unlikely partner: Yahoo!'s fledgling original programming division Yahoo! Screen.

Writing will commence later this year, with an initial release date set for early 2015. Unusually for a web series, the season will be released weekly, rather than as a whole.

Although a demotion from network TV to a practically unheard of streaming service might seem like a nail in the coffin, star Joel McHale recently indicated the change might be liberating for show creator Dan Harmon:

The restraints I’m assuming will be way less, and it’s just like this playground now for Dan. Unencumbered Dan Harmon is very exciting.

A teaser trailer released by the cast this week is a fitting tribute to the fans who have supported the show through thick and thin, and though it's entirely made of old clips from previous seasons, we can hope that it's an indication that Community shows no signs of stopping.

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