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The Vampire Diaries clan are all about supporting each other, and the opening for Nina Dobrev's new movie Let's Be Cops was no exception. But, a certain someone was conspicuously absent....

Dobrev's co-star Michael Trevino uploaded a picture to his Instagram account showing the VD boys supporting Dobrev, but despite their supposed close friendship, Ian Somerhalder was nowhere to be seen.

The image was captioned;

The boys came out to support our MAIN [email protected]!! Congrats on your premier!!

Zach Roerig and Michael Malarkey who play Matt and Enzo respectively in [The Vampire Diaries](series:200853) also joined Trevino to cheer Dobrev on.

You don't get much luckier than that!

[Let's Be Cops](movie:885786) was released in theatres on August 13


Were you surprised that Ian wasn't there to support Nina?

(Source: Wet Paint)


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