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The world has been reeling from Robin Williams' tragic death, and sensitive Ian Somerhalder is no exception.

The 35-year-old star was clearly upset by the passing of the comic genius who bought us Mrs. Doubtfire and Aladdin's Genie and he demonstrated his grief by posting an Instagram tribute.

The post which has received over 297 thousand likes reads;

This man was incredible-thank you for the amazing moments you made us all feel sir. You will be missed especially by your strong yet heartbroken family and your fans, us who will never stop loving you. Rest in PeacFollow

Somerhalder accompanied his heartfelt message with the following image of the Hollywood great;

It's hard to know how to react sensitively when a celebrity that you have adored and admired from afar passes, but Ian Somerhalder has handled it masterfully with a simple thank you.

Sometimes less really is more.


Did you find Ian Somerhalder's Robin Williams tribute moving?

(Source: Instagram)


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