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Everybody's favorite pizza nomming, oversharing, photo bombing actress has turned 24-years-old today!

When I was 24, I was living on my friends floor paying for discount sandwiches with cash I mined from under the couch cushions, but JLaw is doing slightly better.

Not only does the ultra-talented actress have an Oscar under her bedazzled Dior belt, but she is also one the most badass female action heroes of all time and the most GIFable person on earth.

She might trip on the red carpet and pull the most unflattering facial expressions ever seen outside of the llama world, but Jennifer Lawrence has won us all over with her candid charm and is the celeb we would all take on a bar crawl.

It only seems fit to celebrate this shining stars multitude of achievements with a gallery of Lawrence's most JLaw moments. Sure I could mention her eye-wateringly emotional performance in [Silver Linings Playbook](movie:207997) or her slinky sexiness as Mystique, but she's far too self depreciating for that.

The Eternal Question...

Dive for Glory


Shark Week!

Wink Win

Mine Too Babes, Mine Too...

I'm Still Jenny From the Block

Butt Master

Wobbling Weapon Realness

The Clawwww!

Happy Birthday Jennifer Lawrence, from us all at Moviepilot!


What's your fave JLaw GIF?

(Source: Hollywood Life)


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