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Although releasing in only a couple of months, Christopher Nolan has still somehow managed to maintain the veil of secrecy that has hung over his upcoming sci-fi adventure, Interstellar, since day one.

Indeed, despite several trailers and an official synopsis, we're still not entirely sure what the major beats of the movie will be. Today, however, we've got our hands on two images which have been released ahead of Entertainment Weekly's massive Fall Preview issue.

Again, the images don't exactly show much, but it does at least seem like Matthew McConaughey will be visiting a distant planet... perhaps. Have a look below:

Actor John Lithgow also explained a bit more about what we can expect from the highly anticipated movie, especially in relation to its thematic range. He explained:

It's a thrilling interaction between grand spectacle and intimate, intense relationships. More so than many films of this genre, Chris found a way to make fantastic drama out of cosmic ideas and current human anxieties.

Lithgow isn't the first actor to wax lyrical about Interstellar. Practically every involved with the production - from the principle stars down to the catering guys - has said this is one of Nolan's most ambitious and impressive projects yet. Considering Nolan's filmography, this is certainly saying something.


Will Interstellar live up to the hype?

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