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If there's one franchise that's attracted the greatest fan made images of all time, it's Star Wars.

From conceptual Episode VII posters, all the way back to re-imagined versions of the original trilogy's artwork (by way of some surprisingly photo-realistic images of naked Luke Skywalker), there's nowhere better to go for a hit of a Galaxy far, far away than the fan artists themselves.

Case in point, these beautiful new posters inspired by the original trilogy by Joshua Budich:

  'We're Doomed!'
'We're Doomed!'

  'I Love You. I Know'
'I Love You. I Know'

  'Like My Father Before Me'
'Like My Father Before Me'

All of which answer one of the greatest questions of our time - just how could you ever make the original trilogy any cooler?

Like that, that's how.

What's more, the artwork was created for the Art V Cancer Project, set up by artist Chris Thornley (also known as Raid71) after he was diagnosed with a rare and incurable form of lymphoma at the age of 37.

So not only is the artwork above awesome - it's also helping to save lives.

Because that's just the way Star Wars-inspired art projects roll.


What do you guys think? Better than the original posters?

via Geek Tyrant


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