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Vic Moxie Croughan

There is a new Amity Horror movie planned and according to Shock Till You Drop it's called Amityville: The Awakening and we'll be seeing it on January 2nd of next year.
It will star Jennifer Jason Leigh and directed by Franck Khalfoun

The last Amityville movie starring Ryan Reynolds was pretty terrible from what I remember but I'm ok with someone having another bash.
For those not in the know, The Amityville Horror is based ona true story.
In 1975 Ronald "Butch" DeFeo murdered his family. The Lutz family bought the house the DeFeo's had been murdered in and claimed the house was haunted. Haunted to such extremes they had no choice but to leave their new house less than a month after moving in.

The documentary My Amityville Horror is worth mentioning here, Daniel Lutz who was only a child at the time of the alleged haunting talks about the house, the strange things that went on and his family who had to move out of the house due to paranormal goings on.
Daniel is clearly not an OK guy, he needs help and it's clear, to me, that his parents, in particular, his Father duped his own children into believing the house was haunted.

I'll be checking out this new Amityville movie, fingers crossed it's good. There are some rumours that it will be more of a found footage style rather than a straight film, sounds ok to me, I like found footage however I'm skeptical about that rumour. Generally speaking found footage films don't use well known actors but we'll see as more information is released.

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