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Mary-Louise Parker is set to join the cast of NBC's The Blacklist for Season 2.

Parker, who previously starred in Weeds, will having a recurring role as Naomi Highlind, a character who creator Jon Bokenkamp described at SDCC 2014 as "completely tied to Reddington."

Bokenkamp refused to reveal any more details about Naomi, and when asked whether the hat-happy criminal was possibly Keen's father, he responded: "The question of who is Reddington to Elizabeth Keen is the central conceit to the show, but we're really not going to answer that."

"The second season I think portends even more as the show sort of blew up at the end of the season and allowed the second season to become more expansive. We start to learn little bit more about Reddington and his mythological history."

says James Spader

Mary-Louise Parker has also booked herself a role on the upcoming miniseries The Slap, also to be aired on NBC.

The Blacklist will return on Monday, September 22.

(Source: TVGuide)


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