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There's a little term that floats around various fandoms known as "OTP", or, One True Pairing. Most of us have several, but Han Solo and Princess Leia were my first. I loved their onscreen chemistry, their bickering, and the odd way they worked together to overthrow the Empire and save the galaxy. So, for several reasons, my poor little 'shipper heart totally can not deal with the idea that these two didn't end up together - or worse, they did, and broke up!

Look, I'm probably overreacting. I'm a 26 year old adult with a full-time job (hint: it's this), an apartment of my own, bills to pay... but none of that matters! Han and Leia might have broken up! With the Expanded Universe book canon mostly tossed into the trash, Han and Leia's relationship (along with their kids - Jaina, Jacen, and Anakin Solo) is up in the air. With the latest spoilers out of Latino Review today, this writer is a little worried:

... they add that the duo (Daisy Ridley and John Boyega's characters) do indeed find Han Solo and Chewbacca, but they no longer have the Millennium Falcon as it's in the possession of Oscar Isaacs character. Even more revealiing is the fact that Luke has been missing since the events of Return of the Jedi not because he's in hiding, but because he's a captive! Those holding him have been described as both bounty hunters and "Sith Witches", but the truth is that the villains are in fact the Inquisitors, based loosely on the characters from the EU.

  Slick move, Captain.
Slick move, Captain.

Uhm -- so Han, Chewie (and probably Leia) haven't seen the Boy Wonder-turned-Jedi Master in 30 years? I can't deal with that! BUT THEIR FRIENDSHIP!

As you might expect, Luke is eventually found and when he explains the history of their order, it will apparently trigger a flashback to explain that the Inquisitors have been assisting the Sith all along. Billie Lourd (Carrie Fisher's biological daughter) will play a young Princess Leia, and the same flashback will also feature the return of Darth Vader!

To clarify: Lourd's Leia will be even younger than the original trilogy's Leia, and from what rumors say, she's probably sharing a scene with Darth Vader himself (Yay, family bonding). There's practically nothing known about what Leia has been up to outside of this and the fact that Carrie Fisher is reprising her role in the new movie. So, my tiny panic attacks may be for nothing (heck, Leia's possible political power could have bought Han a new ship, though leaked images of the Millenium Falcon show that she will definitely be in the film) especially because Oscar Isaac's character has been rumored to be a Solo kid. It could easily be that Dad has passed the ship down through the line. Still, this is Han Solo we're talking about...

Either way, the new spoilers are more than interesting and even hint at possible cameos from Star Wars Rebels. But, man, if Han and Leia aren't shacked up, I'm gonna be more heartbroken than when this happened:

While their relationship is far from the focus of the franchise, it did play a fairly large part in the original trilogy. Do you think we'll see these two as a happy couple, or something else in the new movie?

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