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It’s Ben Affleck’s birthday! In honor of Ben’s birthday, I’ve decided to reveal a theory I've been working on. It's going to sound a little crazy at first, but please hear me out.

Perhaps Ben Affleck has always been Batman.

I know what you’re thinking, “Wow, another crazy crackpot theory from Moviepilot.” But after some serious digging, I found some hard evidence* that is in support of my argument! So for the first time ever you can read my definitive list of the top 5 reasons that Ben Affleck has been Batman all along. J'accuse, Ben, j'accuse!

*This is not hard evidence

1. He built a Batcave in his house!

  Not sure how Jennifer Garner felt about the remodel
Not sure how Jennifer Garner felt about the remodel

As both a Batman fan and Affleck friend, Kevin Smith has become one of the more reliable sources for the upcoming [Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice](movie:711870). On an episode of his podcast Hollywood Babble-On he said that Ben is such a big Batman fan that he built his own Batcave!

"He brings me into the room and goes “Look at this”. There’s an office room and this beautiful bookcase… he reached under and he clicked something and all of a sudden the bookcase [opened]. I was like, “No! You built a f**king Batcave?” And he was like “I built a Batcave entrance!” When you went in behind the bookcase it was a panic room. Very small with a little TV, phone, a safe and video games."

Sure, he also called it a "panic room" but what is a panic room if not just layman's term for a Batcave? You can't fool me, Ben! I know what you're up to.

2. He’s a philanthropist

  Just trying to save the world one hat at a time
Just trying to save the world one hat at a time

Just like Bruce Wayne, Ben is famous for using his wealth for the betterment of mankind. He has supported a number of charities over the years including: The Jimmy Fund, Paralyzed Veterans of America, Operation Gratitude, and the A-T Children’s Project. After becoming concerned with the humanitarian crisis in eastern Congo, Ben Affleck and Whitney Williams launched the Eastern Congo Initiative in March 2010. According to their website:

“We envision an eastern Congo vibrant with abundant opportunities for economic and social development, where a robust civil society can flourish. ECI believes that local, community-based approaches are essential to creating a sustainable and successful society in eastern Congo.”

As Bruce Wayne knows quite well, fighting crime isn't the only way to make the world a better place. It only makes sense that Batfleck's alter ego follows suit. And speaking of suits...

3. He looks the part

Yes, this is slightly more superficial, but it is important nonetheless. When looking at images of the comic book Bruce Wayne and comparing them to images of Ben, suddenly all the pieces start to fall into place! The suits, the hair, the pensive gaze. The resemblance is uncanny.

And just look at that chin! Even Kevin Smith admitted that Ben has the perfect Batman chin:

“It’s the Frank Miller cowl with the short ears and stuff like that…And you can see him, he’s got the f***ing chin for it…Either they built it up, or that’s all f***ing him. He’s got almost the perfect chin. I think they cast him based on the chin alone, man.”

Maybe too perfect for it to be a coincidence?

4. He believes in justice

  Good guy Ben doing good guy things
Good guy Ben doing good guy things

What an honorable man you are, Ben. After hitting a parked car in 2012, he was sure to do the right thing by leaving an apology note along with a promise of paying for the damages. Taking responsibility for your actions is very classy. More importantly, serving justice, even if it's to yourself, is a very Batmanly thing to do.

5. He has a Robin

  Friends forever
Friends forever

This barely needs explanation. Although Matt Damon and Ben Affleck's relationship might be more partnership than hero/sidekick, it doesn't change the fact that someone has his back 24/7. They have even teamed up to help raise awareness and funding for a number of world issues. From college students to A-List celebrities, this dynamic duo can't be stopped! Sounds a bit like another familiar pair?

  Friends who fight crime together stay together
Friends who fight crime together stay together

Ah ha!


We will be fooled no longer! The veil has been lifted! We know who you are and we know what's going on. At this point, we can only assume that BvS is basically going to be a documentary about Ben Affleck's secret life as Batman.

Happy 42nd birthday, Batfleck! We wish you all the best!


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