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With the recent news that Ant-Man might be connected to the founding of S.H.I.E.L.D., it's interesting to look at how this new superhero will fit into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. After all, when Edgar Wright and Joe Cornish were developing the movie back in 2006, it was believed that Ant-Man would, more or less, work as a standalone Marvel movie. In fact, it is believed that connecting Ant-Man to the overall Marvel Cinematic Universe was one of the reasons why Wright ultimately left the project. It seemed that Wright and Marvel/Disney couldn't see eye-to-eye with the overall vision of Ant-Man, so Wright walked.

When Michael Douglas was cast to play Hank Pym, it was seen as almost a double-edged sword with the traditional Ant-Man origin story and Douglas' 69 years age. While it's true that Scott Lang, played by Paul Rudd in the movie, would take up the mantle of Ant-Man sooner or later, the original Ant-Man was Pym, who designed the superhero's special suit and helmet that makes him shrink down to the size of an ant, and in contrast, grow to the size of a giant, IE Giant-Man.

Pym has an interesting origin story with his girlfriend Janet van Dyne AKA Wasp, who also has the same ability as Pym. Both were original members of The Avengers and now it seems that Marvel Studios will leapfrog past this story and go straight to Lang's origin story of continuing the Ant-Man name. Interestingly, Hope van Dyne, played by Evangeline Lilly, will appear in the new movie.

Lang stole Pym's Ant-Man suit to rob banks to help pay for his daughter's medical bills and eventually takes up the Ant-Man name. It seems that the Ant-Man movie will follow Lang now as a lead with Pym reduced (no pun intended) in a supporting role. With the rumors that Pym's past with S.H.I.E.L.D., Howard Stark, Peggy Carter, Armin Zola, and Alexander Pierce might be featured in the new movie as flashbacks, will Marvel Studios make an honest effort to include Scott Lang in The Avengers?

First off, there is a clear line that includes an older generation of heroes before the likes of Iron Man and Thor. After all, Captain America is the first Avenger from the 1940s. Marvel TV will focus in on how S.H.I.E.L.D. was founded with Peggy Carter and Howard Stark, and now it seems that Hank Pym might play into that new storyline, which is why Marvel hired Michael Douglas to play the role in the movie. Alexander Pierce will most likely showcase how HYDRA factored into how SHIELD got off the ground, along with Armin Zola.

Meanwhile, Scott Lang is just an everyday thief who learns to be a superhero, so get ready for an origin story that looks and feels a lot like Iron Man, Thor, and Captain America's, where the hero has to overcome their personal demons to rise above it and become a superhero. It's believed Stephen Strange's origin story will play heavily with this Marvel movie template.

While it's unclear how Lang will fit into The Avengers, there is a rivalry and friendship between Tony Stark and Hank Pym in the Marvel Universe considering that they're both scientists and inventors. Stark is a billionaire, which makes it easier for him to get his hand on new technology, while Pym struggles with trying to afford to be an inventor. After all, in the Ant-Man footage screened at San Diego Comic-Con last month, we got a good look at Pym's laboratory and it looked more like a basement than anything else, and not something shiny and fancy like Tony Stark's.

At this point in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, I'm surprise that Hank Pym's name wasn't dropped, or Ant-Man referenced peppered into Iron Man 3 or something. Of course, Marvel is really good at dropping hints to future movies and to my knowledge, we really haven't seen anything surround Ant-Man (Dear commenters, please let me know if Marvel has or not). Needless to say, there has to be something in The Avengers: Age of Ultron that points to Ant-Man existence in the larger universe, right? After all, in the comic books, Hank Pym invents Ultron and Ant-Man opens only two months after The Avengers sequel film. Hank Pym could play heavily in the Agent Carter TV show, but there has to be something in the Marvel movies, considering that more people watch those than the TV shows.

The truth of the matter is that Ant-Man will tie into the bigger Marvel Cinematic Universe, for better or worse, but I think we can all agree that this is the sloppiest way Marvel has ever connected a character to The Avengers.

What do you think? How will Ant-Man play into the larger universe of The Avengers?


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