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How do you improve what is unanimously considered to be the WORST musical in Broadway history? Why, cover the audience in buckets of stage blood, of course!

While I am that rare horror fan that will explode into raging jazz hands over an awesome musical, I am also not alone in my disdain for Carrie: The Musical. This synaptic misfire from playwright Lawrence D. Cohen was offensive on all fronts: it appeared as if those involved hated horror movies AND musical theater. An entire book about Broadway disasters was titled, "Not Since Carrie..." Don't believe me?

  It's a great book, actually.
It's a great book, actually.

But yet again, someone out there thinks they can improve on an inherently flawed formula by adding... A GIMMICK! Yes kids, according to Deadline, Southeast L.A.’s La Mirada Theatre for the Performing Arts believes that the answer to fixing Carrie: The Musical's terrible score and awful lyrics and ridiculous concept is by turning it into an audience immersive theater experience.

  They've just described my LITERAL hell.
They've just described my LITERAL hell.

That means that when you buy a ticket to this particular staging of Carrie, you will see it in a reproduction of Ewan High School and probably get splattered in red corn syrup at one point. So, if that's enough to distract you from the following, then knock yourself out.

Frankly, I'd rather sit through another matinee community theatre production of RENT. But to each their own.


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