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Those of you who know me best will know that the day this footage came out was the best day of my life!

Perfect in every way, shape, and form, the leaked test footage for a possible Deadpool movie without a doubt lived up to what our wise-cracking, mouthy merc has become.

It's about time we had a Deadpool movie, and it had better be Marvel and not Fox...stupid rights....

In a possible movie, you know they're gonna have to have a minimum of 20 voices in his head at a time, right?

I'm just really worried now. After the footage was leaked, 20th Century Fox ran around the Internet doing their best to take down the video, as hard as that usual is given that once something hits the Internet, you can never get it back....

But the reason I'm worried is because Fox explained that this was only test footage to show an idea of what the movie might be like, and that they don't want people to think that this is the [Deadpool](movie:38663) that would be hitting the big screens, if he ever did.

So of course now you're left to think of the worst-case scenarios...a PG-13 movie!

(And this is where it gets intense!)

If the make a PG-13 Deadpool movie, you've lost the best aspects to the character we've learned to know and love over the last decade and a half!

Look Marvel -- Fox -- Marvel -- whoever --


I know you're into the whole idea of making it good for the children, but you kinda gotta let that one go here, and look at the big picture.

THIS picture:

  Your typical entrance for Deadpool
Your typical entrance for Deadpool

AAAAAnd this one:

  Deadpool's minor papercuts usually look like this..
Deadpool's minor papercuts usually look like this..

AAAAnd -- oh, just do a little research, will ya?

Just take a good look, Fox -- Marvel...

Can you really see a little Avengers fan watching this?

'Weeeeell, we can change the way Deadpool looks and, uh, uh, and change the --'

What was that? Ch-change? Oh, I'm sorry, that imaginary representative didn't get to finish what he was saying because of that GUNSHOT that came from OVER HERE!!!! My good friend Wade did the honors for me.

Leave it the way it is, risk having an R-rated movie out there, because, if you wanna stay on the good side of the fans out there -- yeah, those people that keep your releases and attempts to impersonate the original paper volumes ALIVE -- you're gonna have to stick with the true Wade, which IS THIS Wade:

  ...or two?
...or two?


Nothing wrong with my eyesight...
Nothing wrong with my eyesight...

  Wade always gets all the girls!
Wade always gets all the girls!

  Dude must have grown up next to a nuclear plant...
Dude must have grown up next to a nuclear plant...

That's our Wade!

So live with it!


What kind of Deadpool movie do you want?


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