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You may remember that a few weeks back a little country called North Korea threatened to start World War 3 if the U.S. dared to release the new Seth Rogen and James Franco starring The Interview.

The plot has the two playing clueless journalists who are corralled by the CIA into assassinating Kim Jong Un when they land the career changing interview of a lifetime.

Apparently the Dear Leader (Un's official appellation) did not take kindly to that major plot detail, using official diplomatic channels to let the US and Sony Studios know that the movie's release would be an official act of war so heinous that nuclear retaliation would definitely be a face saving option. Since the comment was not followed by one of those little smiley faces, Sony Studios has decided that Un means business.

Sony will appease the little golden correct day of grace-kin (what you get when Un's full name is run through Google translate- most Korean names having a Chinese root) by changing minor details. Any badges, signs, or posters bearing the Dear Leader's face will be digitally altered or removed. This includes a scene where Un's boyish face is melted down to riced remains. (Inside joke: rice cookers made in North Korea under the name of Cuckoo are sold with a South Korean label through gray market Asian wholesalers.)

If Sony needs a facial replacement, I have heard Dennis Rodman would gladly stand in for a small fee. :)

The Interview opens everywhere (but North Korea) Christmas Day.

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