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Ok, so I am pumped for two Batman related things. First is BvS: Dawn of Justice. Second is Batman: Arkham Night.An interesting piece of information is that it’s being posed as the final game in the Arkham trilogy. So this is presumably Rocksteady’s final Batman game for the time being, or even for good. Now here is what I conclude: Batman will die.

Here is why I think that.

Rocksteady Isn't afraid to kill major characters.

Arkham City showed that Rocksteady are perfectly down for killing off big characters. Yeah You know who. The Joker.

Whether it was something they had to fight for, or they had no resistance at all over it, Rocksteady killed off big name Batman characters in their last game. There’s absolutely no reason to think that they wouldn’t do it again. Especially considering it added a real emotional punch to the game.

It’d be a fitting end.

From what little we know about the game so far, Batman is going to be pushed to his limits. I imagine the final hour of the game is going to be pretty intense. With this being the final game in the trilogy they’re going to want to pull out every last idea they’ve got. What would be more epic than pushing Batman to his absolute extreme? Where in one final heroic moment he even gives his own life to save Gotham? Batman stories always have an undercurrent of sacrifice, Batman had to give up his own life as Bruce Wayne to dedicate himself entirely to his mission, giving his life would show his ultimate devotion to saving the city.

They Made A Brand New Character.

The Arkham Night. Now this may not have anything to do with it, but I mean, this character completely new, even considering comics.

It’s even happened in the comics.

Batman has been dead before. Killing him off isn’t even a new controversial idea. Of course he came back, because as you know nobody stays dead in comics… except Uncle Ben. So far anyway.

Why It May Not Be True.

If Batman dies then you wouldn’t be able to go back through the world for the riddler challenges. And they would be cutting off dlc possibilitys, which we all know they will make.


Will Batman Die?


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