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Clint Daniels

As I stated in my previous article about this movie, i was skeptical. I saw the changes in the trailer from the book. Though Jonas was still 12 in the movie,

Brenton Thwaites (above) still looked too old to be 12, but i was thoroughly impressed with his performance as Jonas.

Jeff Bridges portrays The Giver perfectly. A distressed, disturbed and lonely old man, who realizes he's found a kindred spirit.

Meryl Streep plays the council elder wonderfully. Cold, methodical, intent on enforcing the rules to preserve what they have.

Now I don't want to ruin anything for you, but the movie was worth the wait. I even approve of the changes from the book to the movie. I hope they make "Son" into a movie as well, as i would look forward to seeing it on the big screen.

This movie is worth seeing in theaters. And like "Lucy" you need to see it with an open mind. Many of us wonder what it would be like in a world where the is nothing that is "unfair". In a world without hate, without war, without hunger, without any of the problems that plague our world today. This movie accurately depicts what it would be like.


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