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Hello everyone. This is my first post so I just thought i'd say hi. It'll be a little long because I'm not quite used to writing on here. Alright, to jump right into it. The new Power Rangers movie is a movie that I have very mixed feelings about. Of course I love the idea of it. We haven't had a good power rangers movie since 1995. I remember Turbo, but that was a made for t.v. movie at best and at worst a really long episode. Great idea though about a movie bridging the gap between two seasons, it's worked great in the past look at Kim Possible, but I digress.

The mixed feelings I get come from the direction this movie will likely go. I don't want a gritty Power Rangers, I'm not crazy, I'm not expecting some PG-13 The Dark Knight type of Power Rangers, it would be silly to go that way. All I want is something comparable to Shrek, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, plenty of child-like greatness but something good for the adults in attendance too. A true family movie and not a kid's movie. it's going to be PG regardless, there are actual people fighting in it. Use that PG rating to the fullest and really push the boundaries some, WWE is PG and they have girls with small clothing and occasionally if you look closely blood. I'm not asking for foul language they're teenagers just good dialogue, writing and chemistry in between awesome fight scenes (because that's what we're really there to see). What I'm expecting is a kid's movie, and not like Tangled, Frozen and things where the dialogue is clever at times. I'm thinking something more along the lines of odd and uncomfortable dialogue, bad acting and a weird storyline that misses the mark. Something similar to the current direction they're taking the show.

However, as readers (and some people who read my comments), will come to know about me, I am always willing to give any movie the benefit of the doubt. They have a potentially great writing team, which one of whom has experience writing a movie about a hero team forming. Continuing on from that point though is what brings me to the next problem. We don't have a cast list or a director announced yet but we do have a release date. That release date could always change like other films have in the past but it could also be the biggest problem with the film. It is a significant amount of time away. In reality they only need about 8 to 9 sets, They have the command center and all around it, all around the school, where they fight, where the giant robot fights, and maybe the Angel Grove juice bar if they want to try to bring back an old favorite. (RIP: Richard Genelle, I always imagined your juice was amazing Ernie). They could probably shoot it in 6 months, add the effect in about 3 months, and maybe leave some time just in case some scenes need to be redone or reshot or polished. However, that assumes that they start shooting sometime before the end of the year.

Now i could be completely wrong, I've never directed a film, i don't know how long it takes, i just know its taking three years for a Superman sequel and people are still concerned about how good that will be. How worried should we be that Power Rangers is only taking one, if that much. Am I comparing the epic proportions of a Batman V Superman film to Power Rangers? Yes. . .Yes I am. Why? The two are actually more alike than you may think, they both are trying something different and introducing completely never before seen on the big screen characters and if anything goes wrong in it, it may set them back 10 even 20 years. I don't want to wait another 21 years to get a good Power Rangers movie because they jumped the gun. Don't let that release date be a noose constantly tightening.

I don't have a segway for this and this is getting kind of long so I'm just going to say my last two points together. I said it earlier but no director or cast announced. Unless they're trying to keep it under wraps and just not announce who is playing the roles so the internet doesn't rip them to shreds this is a pretty major problem because they don't have a finished script probably, the don't have a director to bring this script to life and they don't have the actors that fit into it. It doesn't matter how much of a masterpiece the script may be if the director does a terrible job adapting it. Also, it doesn't matter how pretty the film is if the actors can't act, Sometimes a pretty movie is good enough, I'm holding onto hope but I'm holding back any excitement for this movie at least until I see a cast. I know or at least I hope it'll be a bunch of no name fresh faced actors. Power Rangers needs to suspend a lot of disbelief so if they choose someone like Lucy Hale as the pink ranger it'll break the movie. She's Aria not the Pink Ranger. You stay away too Selena.

I've always said that what Power Rangers did right was hiring sub par actors with above par fighting experience, JDF knew martial arts, Austin St. John, Walter jones and Thuy Trang and the rest were great at faking it until they made it. The worst mistake hiring sub par actors with sub par fighting skills, and maybe not hiring a better choreographer. The plain clothes fights got less and less in the newer seasons. Haim Saban has a great opportunity right now. He literally has no japanese footage to worry about, he has nothing to fall back on he can completely focus on just making a fantastic movie and pretty much forget about the source material, because besides the first movie, there is none. If he keeps that in mind and makes the right decisions as far as crew I know it'll be a great flick.

If you're still here, thanks for reading and comment let me know what you think about the movie, and how you think my first post went. (I know I need more pictures and less words).


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