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This is in a way an open letter to Haim Saban and the writers of the movie, who will more than likely never see this and to the readers who have their own ideas. There has been a long history of Power Rangers and there are certain things from that history that I am hoping they might decide to include. Also, I'm going to throw in some random ideas that I'd like to see.

#1. Indecisiveness

We currently live in a time where being a teenager in high school is an almost insurmountable feat. The constant awareness that if we don't do well enough in high school it may severely damage our standing in the future as far as going to a good college, If you don't get into a good college you'll be stuck in some dead end job you hate. With school, tests, homework, friends, chores, after school jobs, clubs, being a teenager doesn't exactly leave a whole lot of time to go out and save the world. In the beginning of every Power Rangers pretty much someone rejected the power, it was too much for them to deal with, but it was always short lived because they have to stuff it into a 30 minute episode. You have some extra time really show them thinking they're just too busy and not ready for that kind of responsibility. I know a lot of people may hate that because that will push back some of the time they are morphed and if they bring back the armored look from the first one we'd want the morphed as much as possible but I think it's something that need to be in there for some realism.

#2. Powers

We all have the desire to see plain clothe's fighting like we did in the original show and the first movie. In the history of Power Rangers many rangers have gotten special powers from their morphers and were able to use those powers outside of fighting. Shows like Dino Thunder, RPM, Mystic Force and SPD, all had the rangers able to use those powers to help them fight, this would be a good addition to be able to have more out of suit fighting. It might not be that big a deal now since they're not using japanese footage so you don't feel like you're getting ripped off but still it could be nice to see the rangers have certain powers in relation to the ancient beasts they draw their powers from. The T-rex has a very loud and intimidating roar, the red ranger could have a super powered roar that either immobilizes his enemies in fear or blows them away. The yellow ranger could run fast not Flash fast but faster and for a longer period of time than normal humans. The pink ranger could glide which may help her with her gymnastics, the black ranger could have freeze breath like when the mastodon froze the bad guys with its trunk, and finally the blue ranger shouldn't have a shield because that's what happened in Dino Thunder so I really have no clue what to give him. If they don't give them powers they should at least be able to use and call upon their weapons while not morphed.

#3 Originality while holding on to the source material.

I want originality out of it, don't make the same mistakes that was made in the first film. I don't want them to use the old names, that would be silly, seeing some random being called Zack or Trini. They're not the Ninja Turtles there is no need to hang on to the names. Also, make some creative changes that help build the movie up and make it its own thing and not just it's trying to recreate the original movie or show. Change the look of the megazords to something a little more updated and fresh but maintain what the megazords actually are, the mastodon, the pteradactyl etc. I want wrist communicators, made by the nerdy guy and I want realistic versions merchandised for adults. MERCHANDISE THE CRAP OUT OF THIS MOVIE. Keep the city Angel Grove and bring back the juice and fitness bar. I want the rangers to get transported to the command center during an earthquake/monster attack again. Keep the morphing grid but kind of have it like the flying nimbus you have to be resolute in order to be in touch with your powers. It'd be nice if they also kept some version of their personalities in there. I don't expect them to find another dance fighter like Walter Jones did with the character but keep the overall vibe, let the red ranger be the unquestioned leader, the blue ranger be the nerdy guy, black ranger the smooth black guy, and keep the yellow ranger smart, nice and the most level headed person of the team. Also, give her a skirt.

#4 No Green Ranger.

We don't need a green ranger for the first movie. It wouldn't fit into the mythos of the show. You don't start out with the green ranger included and it'd be too soon to have him be the bad guy, the big bad in this movie wouldn't know anything about the rangers in order to just steal one and turn him evil. Even if they decided to forgo the origins (which they won't) and go to the rangers having been together a while it still would be best to hold something off for the sequel. Here is how I see it going down, hang in there with me.

All through the movie you have the red ranger's best friend and main rival. They compete at everything while maintaining their friendly nature. Until something changes and suddenly the red ranger seems distracted all the time and can't compete as well as before. Then he sees the power rangers on the internet a video someone took with their camera phones and he starts to wish he could be a ranger. Like Rhodey in IronMan. He is also jealous of the red ranger spending so much time with the others while he doesn't have a lot of friends himself. A mild mid credit scene, before the boring stuff like production people and things like that but after they tell you the names of the main cast with the cool animations, kind of like dancing groot territory. Rita Repulsa (or whoever the big bad is) is lamenting their monumental loss at the hands of the power rangers. Finster comes up and says it's ready my queen and she says excellent. She goes over to the table and says this shall be my best work yet. Then there is a reveal of the red ranger's best friend lying there on the table Winter Soldier style, then his eye open wide and they're completely green and he has this wicked grin comes across his face. Credits roll.

Did picturing that give you chills? It gave me chills. I'm kidding of course, but that would be a good way to go the second movie could be called Power Rangers 2: Green with Evil or the curse of the Dragon ranger, or even Power Rangers 2: Dragon's bite. I don't know I'm not good with titles. You try to put too much into one film and you leave yourself nowhere to go in the sequel.

#5. Realism

There is only so real you can go with a power rangers movie. Especially since it's PG. I don't mean realism like the putties get cut in half by the red ranger's sword. I'm not looking for Zack Snyder gritty "Power Rangers of Steel". What I mean is realistic characters. This goes hand in hand with the indecisiveness so I thought I'd use it as a closer. I want the power rangers to not know each other before they get transported, or at least if they know each other to not really be friends. I want them to not really work together well at first kind of Avengers style but they learn to be the best of friends. By the end they could be hanging out together all the time but in the beginning they should butt heads. The blue and yellow rangers could be competing for class president or they could both be the smartest kids in the school and they always have to compete to see who has the best grades.The red ranger could be unapproachable, a bit of a bad boy but misunderstood, then when the juice bar owner talks to him he gets a job teaching karate to young kids and it makes him seem easier to talk to. The blue ranger could be nerdy and get bullied typical bulk and skull fashion except worse taking his stuff knocking books out of his hands, which initially starts to make him kind of cynical because no one stopped them or helped him, but being apart of the team changed his mind about people and their goodness. Then near the end they can stand up to the bullies in Glee fashion where everyone supported Kurt in their Gaga body armor. With all the antibullying agenda out there it should be included in the Power Rangers movie.

Bonus: JDF and Sequels.

I want Jason David Frank somewhere in this movie. Obviously not a ranger but maybe he could be their teacher. He could learn their secret and let them out of class to save the world sort of Powerpuff Girls style. Maybe, he could be the Ernie of this movie and own the juice bar. He could even be Zordon's assistant if they didn't want to bring Alpha back. Which would be completely understandable. I liked Alpha but after that Tenzou thing I'm really fried with robot assistants.

I'd like for all of the rangers to be special except for one of them. The red ranger good at martial arts, the pink ranger gynmastics, yellow rangers can be class president and the blue ranger top of his class but the black ranger is completely normal and average, maybe even has dyslexia or ADD and his grades aren't that good, and he has to work way harder just to be average, so he begins to wonder why he was even chosen to be a ranger and doesn't want to be one but when the rest of the rangers are trapped by the green ranger his tenacity and him never giving up allows him to overcome his problems and save them. Before they randomly turned him into a swordsman the blue megaforce ranger was worried about his place on the team and its been a recurring theme starting from the original blue ranger, billy thinking he didn't have a place on the team. The problem with them is they're really smart they bring something easily noticeable to the team but a black ranger with those problems would generally wonder but since he works so hard he knows nothing can be overcome without giving it all you have.

Finally, I think the big bad should use the fact that they're in high school against them in a sequel. In one episode the big bad kept sending endless waves of foot soldiers to attack in an attempt to either overwhelm the rangers, or to use up their powers. This would be a good idea to add into a sequel, have the big bad constantly attack in the most inopportune times, the ranger's grades start slipping because they can't study for tests, they have to sneak out in the middle of the night to fight upsetting their parents, they have to keep leaving during class upsetting the teacher. They're getting tired of devoting their every waking moment to fighting bad guys in a fight that doesn't seem like it's ever ending. Then everyone's (except the red and green ranger's) powers stop working because they lose their determination to keep the world safe. The red and green ranger should have unquestionable determination one is the leader and the other is his rival who keeps pushing him and in turn they push each other forward keeping each other strong. Reminiscent of after the time force rangers went back to the future and Wes and Eric fought all the battles alone. Then the school is attacked during a parent/teacher conference and the rangers are forced to remember what they're fighting for to keep their families and friends safe.

So what do you guys think? Do you have any ideas? A lot of adults are going to want to see this movie so do you think there should be adult merchandise too? Dragon Daggers, real steel wrist communicators with sound effects, what other merchandise would you like to see? Personally I'd like a helmet.


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