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Hi, I'm Indra! I'm a tiny and awkward 17 years old girl from montreal and I love Guardians of The Galaxy!
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Summer is almost over but no worries! Many movies will come out! I have spent my holiday by reading books that will be adapted in movies. Here are my recommendation!

If I Stay (August 22)

Mia Hall had always believed that his most painful dilemma would be: her dream of music at Juilliard or follow the love of her life, Adam. But everything changed in an instant in a car accident, and now mia's life is in danger. At the border of life and death during a fateful day, Mia has only one decision to make a choice that will determine not only her future, but her destiny.

It is originally written by Gayle Forman. The book was beautifuly written and it was so emotional. I think this movie will open people's mind up about destiny and hope. I really loved the novel and I can't describe how amazing it was. Mia is a character we can relate and her boyfriend Adam might be one of your favorite character but the story is really great.

Maze Runner (September 19)

Thomas, 16, wakes up in an elevator. He can not remember who he is or knows where he comes, and no one seems to remember that his first name. When the elevator opens, he is greeted by other boys his age in the clearing, a mysterious world surrounded by an impenetrable maze, and nobody knows why it is there.

This book was recommended for fans of the Hunger Games series, one of my favorites. I began The Maze Runner excitedly. It was written by James Dashner. Some readers was so disappointed by the novel and I pretty liked it but I don't know if the movie will be as epic as the books. We can find many interesting characters even a female one (the first girl who enter the glade) It's a fast-paced novel with an interesting plot. We can meet Dylan O'brien (Teen Wolf) as the main charcater Thomas in the movie.

Hunger Games: The Mockingjay Part 1 (November 21)

The final book of The Hunger Games trilogy by Suzanne Collins. There will be two part where the story continues with Katniss Everdeen, who agrees to unify the districts of Panem in a rebellion against the tyrannical Capitol. After she was sent to the Hunger Games twice, Katniss is changing things and she is very different from the first two books.

The Hunger Games are teens favorites because they think this book is a FANTASTIC series. We all fell in love with Katniss and Peeta. Each character are so important and unique. The actors are doing an amazing performance with our lovely Jennifer Lawrence. It is almost the end of an amazing saga.


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