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Another 2 weeks have passed since the last episode of Sailor Moon Crystal Act 3! Which means this weekend is Sailor Moon Crystal time!

It's time for Act 4, Masquerade - Dance Party recap, and oh boy! What an episode!

The episode opens with Luna in her little secret base gathering information about Mamoru Chiba, friend or foe?

Next Day Usagi is late for school, as always. And while she and Luna runt o make it on time they notice a lot of checkpoints in the city. It's all because the legendary princess from Kingdom D is visiting Japan to present a mysterious jewel.

Usagi is not so late for school, but she is caught up in detention for sleeping in class, and while we wait for her at the arcade we get to see Ami-chan and Rei-chan interact. They are just adorable! Rei is less hot-minded and I think her personality is more composed and shy than the previous adaptation. I'm not sure how I feel about it at this point.

On the other hand, Ami-chan is much more friendly, or at least is willing to bond with her teammates, to fortify the bond, she teaches Rei to play the Sailor V Game!

Usagi finally arrives to the arcade, but instead of listening to what Luna has to say about the "silver crystal" she gets distracted playing the game. Then enter Umino and Motoki. They show the girls a picture of the mysterious princess D. And the girls are off for the day!

When Usagi arrives home, she finds her dad getting ready to attend the embassy party and she decides to go as well. Enter... transformation pen! She is now a princess and she gathers with Ami and Rei (who are also all dressed up with little crowns and all) to crash the embassy party. Except for Luna all get in without a problem.

Meanwhile in the Dark Kingdom, we discover Jadeite is alive! This is a plot development that have potential to be very insteresting!

Spoilers Ahead!

In the manga version of Sailor Moon, Jadeite dies when Sailor Mars attacks him in Act 3. Now in Sailor Crystal he is alive, and the four generals seem to have big plans of attacking the Sailor Scouts. I hope this change in the story turns out to be interesting!

Jadeite, Kunzite, Zoisite, Nephrite all gather around Queen Beryl and they start planning their attack on the senshi. Well, at least they all say they will not let the girls defeat them. But they don't much about it afterwards.

At the embassy party Usagi wants to dance, while Ami and Rei look for the princess. Sadly Usagi can't get to the dance floor before another women trows a drink in her dress. When she walks away she trows her handkerchief, and... guess who picks it up?

Well of course, Mamoru!

Mamoru then notices the poor, sad Usagi in the balcony and then he asks her to dance. They dance, and its very nice and romantic, and she feels something familiar, a connection with this mysterious Tuxedo Mask. He doesn't want to talk much, and when Luna reappears on the scene he's out really fast. But he's not very far away, because after the girls, that means mercury and Mars find the princess, they also find one of her aides is actually Nephrite's shadow.

The shadow possesses the princess and she runs away with the precious jewel. The girls follow and catch up with her. Usagi tries to stop the princess from running away with the diamond, but she instead falls of the balcony. Tuxedo Mask then re-enters the scene and holds her by the arm, but he can't hold the two of them, so they end up falling.

Luna screams to Usagi to use her pen and she takes it our of her bust, I mean dress. The pen transforms into an umbrella and both land safely.

It's Make Up! Time. Sailor Moon enters the scene, but she doesn't have her tiara. However due to the lovely memories of her night with Tuxedo Mask, a new tiara makes an appearance and she has a new power with this tiara. She can reflect the Moon Light in a very impressive attack that eliminates the shadow completely.

Then, all the four generals enter the scene, and they tell the senshi that they will be working on their defeat. Senshi girls are not impressed. The princess D awakens and they sailors run away.

Usagi is tired and she is so tired that she randomly falls asleep in a chair (what? Ok, let's go with it) and then Tuxedo Mask finds her and he kisses her. It's supposed to be romantic, but I can't help thinking is a little creepy that a dude is kissing you while you are almost unconscious. But ok, let's go with it as well.

Luna interrupts Tuxedo Mask and asks him if he is a friend or an enemy. He says he doesn't know but that he is also looking for the Silver Crystal. Then they may be enemies.

The episode is over and we get a glimpse of the storm that is coming, and that storm... is Sailor Jupiter!

You can watch the preview of my next episode clicking here.


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