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Since lots of other people have given their opinions on what their favorite horror movie franchises are, I figured eventually I'd do the same. And now is the time! By the way I judge these 8 entry's by their popularity, impact, scariness, and of course, the villains!

8. Scream

Despite what some might think, the original in this franchise has become a modern day classic. Also created by none other that Wes Craven himself. Who by the way is also responsible for your favorite dream demon, Freddy Krueger. And even though some of the sequels don't live up to the original movie, it still keeps busy today, 18 years after the very first one.
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7. Jaws

Jaws is quite possibly one of the only reasons people still stay out of the water today. Even though no one really got to see the shark until the final moments of the movie, anyone can still relate to swimming in place where there are tons of things moving and swimming right under your feet. This franchise plays on that fear all to well!

6. Hellraiser

Now on my 6th pick for the ''Greatest Franchises In Horror Movie History'' is none other than Hellraiser. Best known for its main antagonist, Pinhead, who is a very powerful being. With charisma so sinister, you can't help but to listen when he talks. This franchise is also known for not following all of the directions a typical slasher film would have. And made itself different from most of the horror films at that time.

5. Child's Play

And here we're on the franchise responsible for peoples incredible fear of dolls. Child's Play like a lot of other films wasn't meant to be anything more than another small horror film from the 80's, But it turned into a franchise! Now everyone in the world knows who Chucky is. Even though it's gonna take a lot for the new ones to top the original two Child's Play films, I'm still looking forward to whatever adventure Chucky goes on next!

4. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Here we're on one of the very first official slasher movie franchises, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Which introduced the world to a cannibalistic family and Leatherface himself. The first original movie I should say is definitely one of the greatest horror films ever. Its regarded as one of the most horrific and graphic films yet it fails to show any severed limbs or even much blood at all. Some still treat it as one of the scariest films of all time. I think it's because of scenes like this that are so disturbing in this movie, is why not only the film, but the franchise and Leatherface hold up so well today.

3. A Nightmare On Elm Street

Now for the franchise that caused endless nightmares for not only myself, but for people everywhere in the world as well. For what reason? Because of everyone's favorite dream demon, Freddy Krueger. Freddy is character who, just like the rest on this list, has become a household name. For reasons like his iconic fedora, sweater, burnt skin, glove, and the sinister jokes he likes to make before killing his victims.

Besides Freddy though, this franchise offered a supernatural twist to the already popular trend of Slasher flicks back in the 80's. The original wasn't intended to be any more than another slasher movie but it has turned out to be one of the most successful Horror movie franchises of all time. And Freddy Krueger is now one of the most popular film characters of all time as well.

2. Friday The 13th

Another legendary franchise here at number 2 of '' The Top 8 Greatest Franchises In Horror Movie History'' is none other than Friday the 13th. What do you all think when someone mentions Friday the 13th? Blood, guts, a full moon maybe? No, that all comes after what? Jason Voorhees.

Who like Freddy Krueger is one of the most popular film characters in history. And here now we have another case of ''this is just another ordinary slasher flick'' which has turned out to be the most successful horror movie franchise of all time now. Friday the 13th is one of the VERY FEW franchises that is more known for its sequels than its original film. But none of this would have been possible if it weren't for the last and best entry on my list for '' The Top 8 Greatest Franchises In Horror Movie History'' Which is of course...

1. Halloween

Finally we're here on the pick for my favorite horror movie franchise of all time. For many reasons of course. Everyone knows the story of the original. The whole ''this wasn't supposed to be a big movie'' thing. And of course its turned out to be the greatest horror movie franchise ever! (In my opinion of course.) It has the music, the side characters, the level of scariness on these films that gives it an edge as well. Then, of course, there is Michael Myers, who like the rest has become a household name. He is the most evil of villain in horror. The sequels (bad or great) always gives people something new to look forward to every movie. Those are the reasons for why I chose Halloween as the greatest horror movie franchise ever.

Don't forget to tell me below what horror movie franchise YOU think is the greatest!


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