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The 80's was a great time for the horror genre and remains the favorite decade of a lot of fans. Along with the great movies that came out of this era there was a lot of great cover art. These days you usually just see a scene from the film or a promotional photo on the cover but in the days of VHS the covers were often hand drawn and pretty crazy. This list counts down my favorite 10, in no particular order.

10. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2-1986

This sequel opted for use of more blood and dark humor than the original and with Leatherface and his family mocking "The Breakfast Club' on the cover you know your in for a good time.

9. Frankenhooker-1990

Okay so this one is kind of cheating since it came out in 1990 but that means it was made in 1989 most likely and the fact the box had a button that when pressed would play Frankenhooker's catch phrase "wanna date' makes this a must have on the list.

8. Fright Night-1985

A simple story of a vampire next door is not the feel given off in the creepy cover of this cult classic. A quick look at this box makes you think some kind of omnipotent vampire god is descending on on Earth for an all out vampire apocalypse.

7. The Video Dead-1987

This art is just plain awesome and is pretty accurate to the plot of the movie. As far as dead things coming out of TV's this guy right here sure has the girl from "The Ring' needing to step her game up.

6 The Nest-1988

This cover is downright creepy and well....pretty gross. I'm sure more than one person has avoided this film in the video store based on the cover alone. Giant flesh hungry roaches just aren't as romantic as this art would want you to believe.

5. Critters 2-1988

I can always remember seeing this film in the video store as a kid and wondering just what the hell was going on in this movie. The Critters films may be half comedy movies and the critters are kinda cute, in a so ugly they're cute kind of way but this looks more like an orgy of demonic Furbies.

4. Ghoulies-1984

If "Jaws" made people scared to go to the beach then "Ghoulies" made people scared to go to the bathroom. Luckily The scene pictured here doesn't happen often and there's more to the movie then little booger demons attacking unsuspecting people during their most private moments.

3. Return of the Living Dead-1985

This is an awesome zombie movie and one of the best off all time so it makes sense that it would have an equally amazing cover art. This movie has also inspired some pretty kick ass zombie tattoos.

2. Halloween 3-1982

The least popular entry in the franchise due to the lack of Myers being in the movie but this is still a strong film if taken on it's own. The cover of this movie also does not really fit to well with the plot but is so creepy and foreboding that this art alone could probably inspire a whole other film about something stalking trick'r treaters, I'd watch that.

1. House-1986

Such a simple piece but it really works and is very creepy, leaving a lot to the imagination. Why is there a severed hand ringing the doorbell? Even worse who's going to answer the door?

This is by no means a definitive list so i invite you to share your personal favorites in the comments below.


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