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In a recent article by The Hollywood Reporter, it is stated that:

A source close to Sony's decision-making says the move to alter the hardware was precipitated by "clearance issues," particularly because it involves a living person, Kim Jong Un.

If this is indeed the case, then this would be an absolute travesty. Censorship is already a huge problem in Hollywood, and caving to the human-rights-abusing government of North Korea is just letting them win.

As a response, I have taken the liberty of posting a petition on, stating:

Recently, North Korea has called the upcoming comedy film The Interview an "act of terror." The reason given is that the movie is against dictator Kim Jong Un. As a result, Sony Pictures is strongly considering censoring the film's more extreme scenes.
Though they have indeed made a threat, it is not grounds for censoring a simple movie. We as a country do not negotiate with terrorists, and censoring the film is letting the North Korean government win. Time and time again, North Korea has made threats that have led to nothing. A simple movie is not going to caus mass destruction. The North Korean government is notorious for empty threats and promises, so it is likely that you would be committing censorship for nothing. Please, show audiences that America does not bow down to dictators and keep the film as it is.

Please consider signing the petition. American audiences deserve better.



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