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There is a few things I want to see in BvS: DoJ. Whether you like it or not, Man of Steel is continuing. Now I know that some people are reading this to troll because it's DC and all I really write about is DC. What I say to that... I write about topics I want to talk about!

Moving on... I have a few thing have in mind for this movie.

Scenes Straight From The Comics/World's Finest Movie!

Believe it or not, Zack Synder put scenes in MoS that were from the comic book. The Krypton thing was necessary because Zod did try to take over before the planet would explode. He was sent to the Phantom Zone. They couldn't put the whole story there because it would be too much. Anyway, there's a few scenes I want to be extracted out of the animated movie. One is Bruce Wayne and Clark Kent meeting each other before hand. Second, is them finding out there secret identities (Superman using X-Ray vision and Batman using a tracker to find Superman.)

I really want to see that! I know they won't introduce kryptonite that way though.

Both Heroes Do There jobs in the Beginning!

This will probably not happen, but I'll just put it out there... In the beginning of the movie Superman should be helping efforts in Metropolis and saving lives while Batman is crime fighting. Then they should meet each other for the first time as Clark Kent and Bruce Wayne (which should of happened in the end of Man of Steel!) Basically it should be Superman and Batman to Kent and Wayne to Supes and Bat to Kent and Wayne. Simple Enough?

Cameos And Easter Eggs!

Don't get me wrong... There's a part of me who doesn't want Kryptonite to be in the Cinematic Universe. I said this before, I'll say it again... CAMEOS ONLY! There's only but some many characters you can put in a movie with 2 monumental characters. I understand there will be appearances from Flash, Aquaman, and Cyborg. The only Leaguer who should get more screen time other than Batman and Superman is Wonder Woman. Other than that, we should be seeing quick mentions, scenery of a character's domain, and brief scenes for items. You shouldn't take this away from Batman and Superman with too many characters, so cameos only!
Also, I'm hoping Scoot McNairey is playing Dr. Magnus for a Metal Men teaser! Even if you don't want to put too many characters in the movie, certain character appearances opens the door for other movies. Showing that Guardians of the Galaxy did great, why wouldn't the Metal Men if done correctly!? I want to see Callan Mulvey as Metallo or any relevant villain for the plot as well.

Plot Importance!

This is pretty obvious, so let's get into it! The plot should have the hint of the future feel of the DCCU. What I'd like to see is criticism for Superman. That's going to happen, it's a given! However, there should be something where it emphasizes Superman's image as "A MAN WITH TOO MUCH POWER!" If you watched Justice League and Justice League Unlimited, this was used a lot and Batman even stated this. I want a hint of that kind of plot in BvS: DoJ and more of it building up in the DCCU along with Lex Luthor's growing jealousy (along with some other subplots as well.)

This is a great fan made trailer from solyentbrak1 and I think some of the subtle hints are really good.

That's basically it! I have a ton of wants from this movie like a better portrayal of Lois Lane (though Amy Adams was good) but that might be too much. I'm crossing my fingers for this movie because trolls putting out negative comments, which any DC related thing is guaranteed.

What do you think? What do you want to see in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice? Leave a comment!


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