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Now, I'm usually not one to listen to crazy conspiracy theories, but even I'll admit that this one sounds pretty eerie. Robin Williams, as you know, passed on August 11th 2014. Robin was an amazing actor, having acted in over 100 movies is his career. One of his last and recent movies, 'The Angriest Man In Brooklyn' has Robin playing his polar opposite. Henry Altman is an angry man who'll yell at someone for just about anything. One day, he visits the doctor and learns that he has a brain aneurysm that will prove to be fatal.

What's creepy is that in the film, Henry (Robin) is lying on a bed playing cards with his son when he says, "My tombstone will say Henry Altman: 1951-2014."

Now this could just be a coincidence. After all, the movie came out in 2014, and it's not unusual for movies to take place in the year they're released. What really freaks me out is the year Henry was born, 1951. Robin was born that year in real life!

But, like I said. This is all most likely coincidence. But then again...MAYBE IT'S NOT. (cue scary music)

Another strange prediction about the beloved actors happened THREE days before he died!

An IGN user who goes by the name DigInTheCrates created a thread on's message board on August 8th 2014.

The thread was eerily titled "Are people bracing themselves for the fact that Robin Williams will die soon?"

How did he know? Was he guessing?

Chances are this is another coincidence, or perhaps someone who knew Robin personally and was aware of his depressions. If this user truly did know about Robins untimely death, I for one want to yell at this person for not telling someone and possibly preventing the death of America's greatest and most beloved actor!

Well that's all the crazy, wack-job, theories I have right now.

On an unrelated (sorta related) note, if Disney does not re-release Aladdin in theaters like they did with Lion King, then I will be SEVERELY DISAPPOINTED IN THEM!


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