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Paul Mellette

In [Guardians of the Galaxy](movie:424073), which I watched for the third time last night, we learned that Star Lord/Peter Quill is half human and half unidentified alien. We have been told that the movie franchise is diverging from the comic book history so we do not know exactly who or what alien species is Peter's father.

What we do know is that Nova Prime seems almost in awe of the alien species that is said to share Peter's human genes. And we are told by Yondu and his cohorts that they were hired by Peter's father to bring to boy to him... but they chose not to because he is something of a jerk...

Given the events in the movie's opening scene I'd have to agree with Yondu. Peter's mother had bore this as yet unidentified alien a son. And this alien obviously kept tabs on the events of her life, scheduling the child's "pickup" to coincide with the death of the mother. And yet, given that he had cared enough to share his celestial bed with her and evidently cared enough for the child she bore him to want to bring him to the stars; he also knowingly allowed her to die a long suffering death from cancer rather than step in and help her. You sort of have to expect that as advanced a species would have medical abilities and cures to diseases that we do not as yet have, right?

In fact, taking this one step further, is it not possible that her death-by-cancer was do to her exposure to this celestial being? Having shared her body with his offspring during her pregnancy... raising him in those early years of Peter's life...

I'm not sure this puts us any closer to identifying who will be Peter's father in the movie universe. But I'm pretty sure Yondu will be proven right... the guy's a total and complete jerk.


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