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Lisa Carol Fremont

The trailer for Asmodexia, a film from Marc Carrete and Mike Hostench, has been available via Twitter for quite some time now and it looks fantastic. Always a huge fan of exorcism/possession films, Asmodexia certainly looks as though it is going to deliver the scares. It is also my humble opinion that Spanish horror is an often overlooked area of the genre.

Following exorcist Elroy de Palma (Luis Marco) and his daughter Alba (Claudia Pons), the two are on a mission to rid a series of possessed people of their demons. Meanwhile, members of a cult that Elroy once led are stalking the two. Attendees of the Wizard World Chicago Comic-con can see a screening of the film as part of Bruce Campbell's Horror Film Festival. The rest of us can view the movie on VOD platforms or a select theatre run courtesy of IFC Films and their IFC Midnight Label on September 26.

Clearly, I will be awaiting September 26, but will you? Do you love a possession film or have you had enough?



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