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From the strange and amusing news desk comes the breaking news that Justin Powers' film Pot Zombies 2 can be pre-ordered via Walmart. Perhaps it is the discount store chain's holier than thou attitude that causes me to find this a wee bit out of character.

What is the movie about you ask? Well, it's about marijuana smokers who turn into zombies when a strain of radioactive pot infects the stoners of America. These zombies have the munchies; munchies for human flesh!

Justin Powers is an up and coming director, producer, cinematographer writer and actor. He does it all! According to Powers, "the script is written by Chris Laster and is hilarious, insane, raunchy and over the top violent."

You can visit the Pot Zombies 2 Facebook page here

If you live in the Dallas, Texas area, Justin Powers is hosting a DVD release party where you can get the movie before it's release on August 26. You can see the details of the party here

You can preorder Pot Zombies 2 from Walmart here or, if like myself you do not enjoy giving money to that particular corporation, you can also purchase more pot and less plot from Amazon, Best Buy, Fry's and f.y.e.


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