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Jonathan J Moya

It is refreshing how down-to-earth Godzilla can be in his private life. Playing Pac-Man, drawing stomped cityscapes, smoking stogies and having a few shots at the bar, having fun with his bathysphere helmet, going full ninja, singing, dancing, smashing his Tonka cars and trucks, skipping rope or just incinerating some trash, maybe even drunken and puking up after his shots at the bar? Maybe do a little cross-dressing. Create a cool secret identity. Perhaps a snake? Maybe the Batman? Perhaps, when your Power Ranger bud comes over, hit the town, or maybe even show everyone that young Frankenstein duet the two of you have been working on for ages.

This bit of monster uselessness was created by Tumblr user gigabeetle. You can see the rest of his collectible nonsense at Gigabeetle's Tumblr page.

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